Unlock the power of
No-Code to innovate

NetMinds empowers individuals to take advantage of No-Code tools to solve business problems

Our Framework

We provide unique results by combining no-code tools with human-centred design


You can build software without knowing how to code. With more than 1,000 No-Code tools out there to make things real, we help you and your team understand the best No-Code stack for your scenario, and teach you how to make the most of it.


We use a Human-Centred Design approach to solve problems and identify opportunities for efficiency". With our 10+ years of experience applying it to all types of business processes, we help you understand gaps and critical activities in a wide range of industries and areas

We are a team of professionals with one goal: Democratise the development of technology for non-developers with the use of No-Code + Human-centred design, to accelerate innovation in the world

Who are we?

With our combined experience and passion, we are here to make Tech more accessible to solve everyday challenges, no matter how big or small
Laura Bernal

I am passionate about supporting entrepreneurs, encouraging them to be strategic and make things happen. I am a Journalist with a background in advertising and management, who has a Masters in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, and experience helping high growth companies

Cristian Hoyos

I am an Industrial Engineer with experience in Human-Centred Design, Business processes architecture and IT project management. I've spent the last 11 years designing and creating solutions and frameworks to make life easier for everyone at work