Be part of a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs

NetMinds is a community-driven ecosystem that aims to empower the next innovators generation by connecting them with mentors who want to help and believe the world only gets a better place if we work together. We connect startup founders to the mentors they need, according to their venture stage, powering our process by technology to ensure we generate meaningful connections.

We believe the only way to have a more inclusive world is when we all share and work together!

To explain more about us, we want to tell you how it all began.

We are two Colombian Co-founders living in the UK. We met in Newcastle doing our master in Innovation and Creativity. We were a cohort of 25 students with 14 different nationalities. Crazy!

It was an incredibly rewarding experience that showed the value of multicultural scenarios. Along the journey we studied the concept of Open Innovation and learned that the world gets more complex every time, raising importance to acts of collaboration to solve problems. However, how to include more people into this process? how to foster innovation and increase collaboration? we realised there was an opportunity in generating meaningful connections without people having to actively look for them.

Life is busy and looking for others is time consuming. Asking for help or finding ways to impact the world beyond our daily activity can be challenging. Sometimes is hard to find the people we need, because from the available information online, we don't usually share what we care about and what we are willing to do for it.  A few hours of your time can make a valuable difference to someone working on a solution and will bring you instant knowledge as well.

Meet the team!

We are humans with a shared goal: Making the world a better place by enabling collaboration.
Laura Bernal

I am a Social Communicator, with background in advertising and marketing. I believe we are all capable of working together to achieve great things, and one of the best ways to do it is by creating and communicating ideas for a better world.

Cristian Hoyos

I am an Industrial Engineer, with experience in human centred design and IT project management. My passion has always been to find the best ways for humans to collaborate effectively towards the same goal.