We want every Business Network to capitalise its potential!

Our mission is to help founders succeed by making them aware of collaborations opportunities and helping them find the people they need in record time. We enhance support by suggesting matches between members of a community, mentors and others,  making community managers and members work as a team.

We have called it #SocialHacking. We want to enhance the way founders develop their networks and find each other to work together, create opportunities and build successful companies. On the other hand, we are looking for partners who are willing to help develop the next business generation by getting involved in founders journey/network.

The best way to make things possible, is when we work together!

NetMinds Ecosystem values

makes us different

Culture of innovation

Acquire a mindset to share and receive knowledge from outside your organization, different expertises and industries. Get inspiration from ideas and get others inspired. We are breaking down silos and bringing people together.


Business is all about people, however finding the right individuals to connect with is hard in a crowded digital space. We connect people without them actively looking for each other, taking care of the best match possible. Increase meaningful connections, reduce time networking.


Our ecosystem puts mutual help at the centre of each connection. People in the NetMinds family are open to help and receive help. This ecosystem has not been designed to sell to one and other, but to support one and other and have an innovation social network.

Meet the team!

We are humans with a shared goal: Making the world a better place by enabling collaboration.
Laura Bernal

I am a Social Communicator, with background in advertising and marketing. I believe we are all capable of working together to achieve great things, and one of the best ways to do it is by creating and communicating ideas for a better world.

Cristian Hoyos

I am an Industrial Engineer, with experience in human centred design and IT project management. My passion has always been to find the best ways for humans to collaborate effectively towards the same goal.