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No-Code + Human Centred Design training and development for Higher Education

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NetMinds Boost for Higher Education

Services we provide

We help Higher Education institutions empower their students and staff, by providing training and developing key business processes using No-Code and Problem-Solving frameworks

Human Training

Tailored Training

The job market is looking for autonomous employees, capable of solving problems in creative ways. We provide students with tools that equip them with problem-solving skills using technology.


Process Automation

We help organisations and institutions define and automate administrative tasks, optimising their processes using No-Code tools.

Latest trend

Curriculum Design & Delivery

We help you include No-Code training within the wider academic offer, to make sure students and graduates make the most of it

Why No-Code for Academia?

Connect the world

Shaping the world

Emerging technologies are transforming the way we interact with the world. Enterprise problems get tougher everyday, making the ability to innovate a must, rather than just a nice to have, demanding us all to acquire a whole new set of digital skills.
The ability to use low-code and no-code tools will make your students stand out in the job market by giving them tools to build, optimize and automate.

No Code Dev

Tech for Non-Tech

A no-code development platform is a tool for building software applications without coding. This is a popular and promising alternative to traditional software development for non-technical individuals hoping to build their own applications.

Mind grinds

Problem-solving skills development

The use of these tools fosters creativity, enhance entrepreneurial skills and bring to market solutions that otherwise would have taken longer.

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Our impact

Challenge: UU Enterprise Department saw that despite many of their students having business ideas, very few were moving forward to build Prototypes due to lack of skills and funding.
Solution: We delivered a workshop giving an introduction to low-code and no-code tools and gave a step by step guide on how to build a basic system, how to understand the architecture of a software and tips on how to design MVP's with a couple hundred pounds.
Challenge: With the pandemic at its peak, Newcastle University Business School identified there was an undeniable need for new ways to support students with learning skills that could help them adapt to a digital environment and develop entrepreneurial skills.
Solution: We designed a No-Code Bootcamp to train students in rapid experimentation and the creation of Web and Mobile Apps as MVP’s without needing to code. We showed students how to develop a No-Code app from start to finish and how to effectively start gathering data to better develop a venture.
This was the first trial of a set of modules to be included within their curriculum

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