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Enterprise training and automation service for businesses with the power of No-Code and Human-Centred Design

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We help organizations innovate and scale, by automating and developing key business processes using no-code and low-code tools. This is how empower your team to innovate and build technology.

Human Training

Automation Discovery

We use Human-centred design to help you identify optimisation opportunities within your business processes, reducing operational costs and maximising your operations impact


Automation/MVP Design & Dev

We design and build process automation and product MVP's using No-Code tools. We help you build your company's No-Code stack for process automation and optimization.

Latest trend

No-Code Training

By 2025, 65% of Web Apps will be built with No-Code tools. We train your teams to unlock their potential, empowering them to innovate.

Thrive and Scale using No-Code


As technology rapidly changes, new enterprise problems start to emerge, making innovation a must rather than a nice to have. The digital transformation is leaving a skills gap in the market that shouldn't exist with so many tools available to help businesses rapidly adapt. We aim to empower every corner of your business to build, test and innovate.


A no-code development platform is a tool for building software applications without coding. This is a popular and promising alternative to traditional software development for non-technical individuals hoping to build their own tech solutions.


Employees from any part of a business can rapidly test new processes, products and services that otherwise would be time consuming to build and highly expensive to deploy

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What we have built

Challenge: MentorDay is one of the largest mentoring networks in Europe and a leading accelerator in Spain. It took them up to 6 months to match mentees with mentors, leaving them a backlog of more than 100 members waiting to be connected.
Solution: We helped them organise their data in an easier way, then we automated the matching and the connections process. Their 100 backlog was solved in a matter of minutes.
Challenge: Startacus is a community of Startups, Entrepreneurs and innovators in UK and Ireland. Big part of their activities rely on networking and sending intros to connect people, but its admin is time-consuming, even more as they grow in size.
Solution: We analysed their process to identify automation opportunities. We built an ad-hoc system to suggest connections and send intro emails from preloaded information, with just a couple of clicks

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