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Be part of a thriving ecosystem
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How does it work?

Our main purpose, is to help business networks generate meaningful connections among its members, by building and providing access to a members smart directory. Once you decide to make part of our family, with some questions we will get to know you better. What do you care about, what do you have experience on, among others. By analysing your profile we identify matches for you to get the most of. We will let you know the founder/mentor to share with and if you agree. Happy days, you have intro! Once a connection is made, it is yours! Take care of it and nurture it. We will only ask you to let us know how did it go, for us to make our process more productive, search for your next suitable connection and keep improving the support we offer to others in the NetMinds family.

Why do NetMinds talk about a family?

With NetMinds we are working towards seeing people from all around the world helping each other to make an impact. At the end of the day we are all in the same planet and are humans. In essence that make us all of the same family. The more we learn from each other, the easier it is to generate the changes we want to see.

Who is in the NetMinds family?

We are an ecosystem of support for the ones working on exciting businesses that are impacting the world and society. We look to support companies working with components of innovation, who look to solve real world problems, produce jobs and are on an early-stage. If you are a NetMinds family member is because you are a founder or a mentor who cares about people, you believe in the benefits of community and you want to connect with others to make a difference.

Why is it closed?

We are a closed community to protect it. We are open to the ones who see the value in connections and mutual help; however we are closed to the ones who don't care. Fellow founders, we charge a fee to bring compromise to the help you are getting, kind professionals with skills are giving their time to support. You are getting help worth thousands for less than a hundred. We are also actively looking for sponsors to ensure the ecosystem keeps alive and working in the most effective way.

Can I be a mentor?

Yes you can! We are looking for individuals who get inspired about others ideas and want to help. Tell us your expertise, what do you care about, what do you expect from a connection and we will do the rest to give you an exciting and rewarding experience. Whatever happens after the connection depends on you, we will just let you know there is someone building something of your interest and you can add value to it.

Benefits for a mentor

Apart from giving instant value to someone, you are also gaining new learnings and a fresh thinking injection that comes with challenging questions. It is a good way of making connections, thinking strategically and get into something exciting. Being a mentor is rewarding and takes your knowledge further.

How much time do I have to allocate?

It depends on what do you decide on. We recommend preparing the meeting before hand and having minimum a 30 min chat. You can prepare by sending a question, a small file to revise, or anything else that helps to make the most of the meeting.

How long do I need to maintain the relationship?

That's up to you. There's no firm commitment.

Do I have to give equity away/ Am I entitled to equity?

It will entirely depend on the relationship you establish. It's a possibility that could arise depending on circumstances and commitment, however, NetMinds leaves the decision entirely to you both whether there is entitlement to give or receive equity. Nevertheless, if you need to know more about how it works, we can share information available on what sweat equity is.
NetMinds is here to help you connect, so every type of relationship that can happen after the connection it's up to you.

How much time can I ask for?

We suggest mentors to allocate at least 30 minutes on preparing the meeting beforehand, however the length of the meeting and the number of meetings you schedule will depend on the relationship you establish with the mentor.
According to our experience, and the feedback from both Mentors and Startups, usually a commitment of two meetings it's correct.
As mentioned before, send the Mentor relevant information along with the specific questions you may have, to have an effective first meeting, where you can leave with actionable advice. And then look to have a second meeting to revise the effects or undergoing implementation of those actions.