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About our speed-mentoring event concept

Laura Bernal

Our NetMinds speed-mentoring event is closer, we are very happy to share will everyone who has registered and the ones yet to come. We have set this event up to give a space of support and connectedness. We reckon being an entrepreneur is hard and can be sometimes lonely. It should not be that way, we are all trying to do exciting things for the world and people. We can all help each other doing that.

You'll have noticed that upon registration you find three options.

The reason why we have done this is to showcase we can be both, mentor and mentee, depending on the skills and challenges we face.

I have recently have conversation about the concept of a mentor, and what it is, along with other definitions I have found, this concept does not seem to be "appropriate". Mentor are often times pictured as individuals that necessarily have had many years of experience. We are not saying that is not the case, however we can help someone else with some sort of expertise.

For this event, we are changing the concept a little bit, we truly believe we can mentor each other in both, big strategic things and small tactics actions that require feedback. Often times we don't get comfortable asking questions, perhaps because we don't get asked many questions either.

We all have experience in a field and we all have passion for making things happen!

We are looking forward to having you on the 19th, share some fun, connect with others, keep creating community, keep creating networks, keep making things possible and many more.

If you haven't register don't forget to do it here: