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Do you know the strength of your community?

Laura Bernal

As digital transformation starts to take over our lives, communities show a pivotal role in how we interact with others and the products and services we consume. Online community platforms have shown rapid growth, shredding light on how important it is for organizations and people to create or be part of a community that can help them thrive.

The fact is, we need one another!

Considering the increasing number of communities around the world to bring people together, it is also important to think about the following:

* Where are this communities held

* What is their purpose

* How they generate value

If you have a community or are looking to build one, these are 3 important points to consider

Depending on how you have answered these questions you'll start identifying the strengths of your community.

For us, as a Startup providing services for community builders and managers, has been critical to identify different types of communities, to rightfully speak to the ones we can offer the most value to.

If you are looking for the members of your community to help each other reach their goals, NetMinds is the place to held your community. We provide tools to help community members connect among each other to solve their challenges by providing conversation suggestions, or how we like to call it "help leads".

Once you have created your community you'll see how Knowledge is the most powerful asset. When knowledge is shared, the experience from each member is reflected in others, helping everyone grow.

However, the bigger a network gets, the harder to manage and harness the human capital in it 🤯.

Many minds in the same place does not necessarily translate into knowledge creation and transfer. Defining processes and ways for your members to connect and share knowledge will show instant value. It will reflect on time saved, money gains and new possibilities to find business opportunities within your network.

Same applies to every organization. Every team is a community. The more you are able to connect them to help each other, the more your organization will acquire a mindset of openness and innovation.

“The more extensive a man’s knowledge of what has been done, the greater will be his power of knowing what to do.”  That is our main driver. We suggest conversations between the ones having a problem and the ones holding a solution within the same community. We enable direct communication, as well as encouragement for people to identify and learn from their challenges.

We are in this world together. Let's help each other! 🤗