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Few thoughts on how to help others, help you

Laura Bernal

I was remembering today about a webinar on emotional resilience I attended a few days back, that left me with a phrase stuck in my head: "Help others help you".

It's ironic, but we rarely help others help us. Basically, because often times we don't really know what is it that we need.

Even though the webinar was about managing and processing your own emotions, it made me reflect how much it applies to business. Understanding your professional challenges is as important as understanding your own emotions. At the end of the day, we are not perfect, and most of the times answers are in reaching out for help. We need from others!

Other entrepreneurs will agree with this sentiment: We don't really know what we are doing. It all starts with a desire and an idea, but to get from point A to B is messy and full of uncertainties.

However, how can you help others help you?

One of the things that have helped us the most is having a clear purpose. Every action you take must add to that purpose, therefore, if you are clear with it and have shared it to the world, everyone around you will easily understand what are you aiming for.

Once you have that, you should evaluate regularly how is your company moving forward, by setting yourself milestones. We can all agree that there is no such thing as a linear process to follow step by step, however, each stage of a company has some common elements and characteristics you can measure:

Can you easily (and shortly) express the problem you are solving?Are people understanding my solution?What hypothesis am I testing?

This is just a few questions you and your team can think about, to identify the key points you are needing help with. Once you have some notion about each fo those answers, try to ask yourself "why" at least 3 times. It will help you fully decode what you are needing, helping you realize how to make better use of your network.

I'll encourage you to write those questions and answers down. In NetMinds, we have developed a challenges profile, because we usually write and share what we are good at, but not what we are looking for.  Finally, to help others help you there are two critical things to take into account:

  1. Ask yourself questions to identify your needs
  2. Express and share what you are needing to get recommendations on who could help you