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Our collaboration with Paperound

Laura Bernal

New year, new opportunities, new collaborations. Today we are delighted to announce we have started a partnership with - a platform that connects university students with paid remote work for startups and SMEs. Students are a talent pool looking for opportunities, while startups and SMEs are constantly seeking motivated and eager to learn team members and oftentimes, only need a few tasks done.

Alongside with NetMinds, we will be able to provide students and entrepreneur students with opportunities that can go from finding companies to test product and services, to have a side income while developing a business and most important of all getting hands-on experience that will benefit anyone involved for any industry opportunities.

On the other hand, SMEs and Startups will get the flexibility to get tasks done, with interns that can be booked for as little as one hour, which is also a great opportunity to spot talent for future employment.

Paperound will be listed as a NetMinds "help lead" to everyone using the system and looking for connections. Students joining the community marketplace will have top listing spaces and will get access to interview first. Companies will know students coming from NetMinds have an entrepreneurial mindset and are looking forward to learning. We are looking forward to engaging more with Jake Fox, Paperound Founder and creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs and students. Loads of things can be achieved when people work together!