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What, How, Why, When, Where

Beth Morgan

As young businesses such as ours grow and adapt to the ever-changing world around us, the fundamentals of what we do and how we do it, change. Since 2019, our vision has remained the same: we want to make technology and entrepreneurship more accessible. However, as we’ve been off making our mark, it can often be forgotten that we need to keep all of our followers, customers and friends updated about where we’re currently at!

So, sit tight for a crystal-clear explanation of what we do, how, why, when and where we do it.


We teach people how to use No-Code tools. No-Code tools are programming platforms that allow you to create apps and solve technical problems without any previous coding experience. We provide these technical and soft skills to students, graduates, and professionals, to help them solve business problems using technology and design principles. We teach using human-centred design, which is an approach to problem solving that develops solutions by involving the human perspective in all steps of the process.

We have used our own 10+ years of experience to compile the best tools and knowledge surrounding No-Code and human-centred design, so that tech novices or those who are just getting started, can learn about and start using them without weeks or months of hefty research. We’ve gone through that process so that you don’t have to!


We have different services, tailored to each client based on the level of experience that the targeted cohort has with the tools in question. However, they all follow the same principles. We follow this structure:

· A few minutes explaining the theoretical basics of the tools.

· A tutorial exercise: the workshop leader shows a quick and easy example of how to do something, and the participants attempt the same task. This familiarises everyone with the tools before jumping in head first.

· A sprints exercise: according to the time and level at hand, we design an exercise for participants to build something with the tool or framework shown. We use a ‘sprints’ approach to provide feedback and apply learning in a quickfire manner.

In terms of format, we boast three different approaches, delivered based on budget and resources, amongst other factors. These include:

· Targeted workshops: maximum four-hour long exercises in which we design and deliver a session with specific targets using the tools and frameworks that we feel are optimum for the cohort.

· Tailored boot camps: one or two days of training, where individuals or teams go through the tools or framework but use them to focus on their existing challenge or business.

· Module courses: a more comprehensive and flexible model for learning using real-time and online resources. They can run between one and four weeks, during which participants will have a weekly activity to deliver. Participants are given the means to stay in touch with their team instantaneously, therefore becoming a community.

· Curriculum/Co-Curriculum design and delivery: No-Code is becoming a subject that is not only a nice-to-have, but a must-have. Therefore, we provide consultancy and delivery services to implement the subject as part of existing educational modules, or related to specific assignments. This can be incorporated at any degree-level education stage.


We decided to teach No-Code using human-centred design for a few reasons. Firstly, they are two of the biggest modern trends across multiple industries, having been used and tested for both large corporations and SME’s (small-to-medium enterprises). Secondly, we understand that after learning about these tools, one can add huge value to their professional and personal life. We want to provide the framework to help people navigate them, so they can reach their highest potential.


Our workshop and boot camp training sessions are fully adaptable. We can deliver them at your convenience, and even take into account time difference when planning our content.

Our modules are designed to be completed in weekly chunks, with ninety minutes of engaging content provided for module leaders, and two to four hours of work for students to subsequently complete.


In recent months, we have gained heaps of experience holding remote sessions, in a completely COVID secure manner. We design engaging activities to ensure all our online sessions are dynamic and enjoyable. We also offer the possibility of in-person workshops or boot camps, with wide flexibility surrounding location and travel arrangements.

So, there you have it. Hopefully this has given you a clearer idea of who we are. Get in touch to find out even more about what we can offer – we’d love to hear from you!