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We are very happy to see more fellow founders joining. We all know what hard work is and the impact of getting help, we are happy to share with you in this space to support each other. To ensure we are providing you with the best connections and a hassle-free process, we will get to know you better by asking some questions.

All the information we collect will help us identify those mentors and other founders that fit best with your profile, for you and your connections to make the most of it as there is affinity between you



According to your current needs and next milestone, select the areas you need help and advice with.



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Let us now if you need help to understand your next steps and the general vision of your company.



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Tell us the why!

We connect not just by skills and domain expertise, but also by purpose. To understand yours, we ask 3 questions, for you to answer as clear and concise as you can.
These three questions are based in two concepts: "Start with Why" from Simon Sinek and "Jobs to be done" theory, aiming to find what motivates you, and whom you want to make an impact for.


Getting to know you better

To improve the quality of the connections, we try to take into account the mindset of the people we connect. To finalise your on-boarding process, we have three multiple choice questions. From the affirmations in each question, please select the one that relates the most to you.


Thank you for taking your time to answer the questions. We will now analyse the information and find you a Mentor tailored to your needs and purpose! Please check here your answers, if you want to change anything just click back and modify it. Otherwise, click Submit and we will be in touch soon with some connection leads.

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We are very happy to see you joining! We all know what hard work is and the impact of getting help, so we are happy to share this space to support each other.

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